Height 5’3
Weight 114 lbs


WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS Katharin De Groot/Supporting Lead    Ziegler Film GmbH & Co.KG/Thomas Jacob, Dir.
TAGGING TOILETS The Dancer/Supporting Lead Fly On The Wall/Bryan Little, Dir.
DOLLARS & WHITE PIPES Pretty Girl/Featured Delta Films/Donovan Marsh, Dir.
MY BACKYARD                                    Danielle/featured  Memetic Films/Ari Kruger, Dir.


FISHY FêSHUNS                                Cavegirls Young Mum/Guest Star                                             BBC/ Daniel Peacock, Dir.
FISHY FêSHUNS                                                    Candi/Guest Star                                                      Penguin Films/Andree Odendaal, Dir.


GREASE                                                  Sandy Barnyard Theatre CT&JHB/ Ian von Memerty, Dir.
WE WILL ROCK YOU                           Dancer/understudied & played ‘Oz’        Artscape & Civic Theatre & Royal Opera House Civic Theatre, Auckland NZ/Andrew Pole, Dir.
AINT LOVE A KICK IN THE PANTS   Jeanie  On Broadway/Kevi Otto, Dir.     
GLORY OF GERSHWIN                       Soloist/Lead                                                                         On Broadway/Glen Swart, Dir.
IT TAKES TWO                                      Soloist/Lead                                                                 On Broadway/Kirsten Isenberg, Dir.
THE SOUND OF MUSIC                       Lisel Von Trappe                                                                      Artscape/Brenda Grey, Dir.
SINDERELLA                                        Sinderella    The Roxy/Gareth Kenna, Dir.
ZING!                                                    Soloist   Baxter Theatre/Irma Kessler, Dir.
CAROUSEL                                             Louise    Artscape/Teddy Davids, Dir.


THE BEST MAN                                    Louise/Jen                                                                                  Highlander/Lara Byer, Dir.
KISS KISS                                               Muffin    Vickys/Karen Jeynes, Dir.
A PLAY ABOUT TEA CUPS AND DOING THE WASHING   Sammy      The Little Theatre/Angela Nemov, Dir.


Acting:      Graduate Waterfront Theatre School (WTS)
Kieth Galloway & Ralph Lawson -Trinity College (Performers Certificate) 
Irma Kessler -SA Guild of Speech & Drama
Bonni Rodini Acting For Film Workshop
Aletta Bezuidenhout Film acting workshop
Movement:   Briggette Reeve- ISTD (Modern & Contempary Dance) 
Kieth Galloway, Delia Sainsbury, Gay Nash- IDTA (Modern, Jazz, Tap & Ballet)
Barbra Holden-RAD (Classical Ballet)
Roxanne Levy & Nicolette Loxton-Cecchetti (Classical Ballet)
Voice:  Barry Prince & Sue Brown- Trinity College (ATCL Musical Theatre qualification)
 Susie Van Dijk – Trinity (Classical Voice) 
Tina Scouw- Jazz
Special Skills: Certified PADI open water diver, Guitar & Piano (basic) Kazoo (pro!), Sports,  Dialect: Central London, Irish, Cockney, Afrikaner, Isreali, American . Wigs available!